Cloud 9 Special Events

6457 Inkster Road

Bloomfield, MI 48301
Office: 866.526.3909
Office: 313.363.5312
For almost 2 decades Cloud 9 Special Events has successfully entertained thousands of events nationwide with a fully interactive staff consisting of MC’s, DJ’s, Dancers, Choreography, Lighting, Sound, Staging, Touring, and Live performance. Our staff consists of highly qualified professional entertainers who understand the importance of seizing the moment and making lasting memories for events like yours that happen once in a lifetime. You are inviting us to your special event and putting your trust in our staff and we are honored and very grateful. Now, we would like to invite you to our party (The Cloud 9 Dance Studio!) The first class is on us. Bring the whole family so we can get you up to date on all the latest dances so you can have a fully interactive and eventful experience. (No parking on the dance floor!) We will see you soon, on Cloud 9!