Lit-Bit LED Gear

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Lit-Bit’s are sound activated, LED glowing, music “vibbing”, message flashing Wrist-Lits and Neck-Lits that kids and adults love! Not only does it carry the message of the celebration, but days after the last balloon has popped, the Lit-Bit will still glow with memories of an amazing party.

Each Lit-Bit is custom designed, incorporating the theme, colors and logo exclusive to the celebration. Inviting Lit-Bit to your party means your guest will have your child's logo, in full color, with an additional message on the wristband, as a lasting keepsake, and we are always in search of the next celebration.

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Lit-Bits have been used in all kinds of celebrations and parties, in a variety of ways.
Décor: “Lite and glowing as they are the napkin holder, on all the tables”
Favor: “Passed as the first giveaway on the dance floor”
Security: “Only people with a Lit-Bit are allowed in the event”
Invitations: “Receive this Lit-Bit as your invitation to our wedding reception”